Mpterm User's Guide

Table of Contents
Basic Usage
Command Line Options
Menu Bar
Task Bar
Configurable Preferences
Replacing the Default Shell
Relabelling Task Bar Buttons
Mouse Usage

Basic Usage

Starting Programs

When you first start mpterm, a window is created with a Menu Bar along the top. Below the Menu Mar is a Task Bar that contains a single button, and below this is a terminal, which by default runs a bash shell on startup. At this point you can use mpterm just like a shell. However, the key functionality of mpterm is that you can run several terminal programs from within the single window.

To start a new program, click on the File Menu and a popup list of the default programs is shown. For example, you can run a second shell terminal by choosing New Bash Shell, or the run the mail application mutt in a separate terminal by choosing Run Mutt. In both cases a second button will appear on the Task Bar displaying the name of the program you have chosen. To toggle between the programs running in the mpterm you can press the left mouse button when the mouse pointer is over the relevant button in the Task Bar.

An alternative way to start a new program is to click the right button on your mouse while the pointer is within the terminal window. A popup menu will appear which has the same program options as the File Menu.