Menu Bar

mpterm has a number of features that are accessible via the menus located on the Menu Bar at the top of the window.

File Menu

The default items in the menu include a bash shell and several other applications. Selecting any of the applications will run it in a new terminal. A new button will appear on the Task Bar displaying the name of the new application. The File Menu is configurable from the Menu Page in the Preferences Dialog.

Underneath the Applications, separated by a dividing line are the menu items Close and Exit. Selecting the Close item will close the currently visible terminal, or exit mpterm if only one terminal is running. The Exit will exit mpterm.

Settings Menu

The Settings Menu contains only the Preferences item. Selecting this item will open the Preferences Dialog.

Help Menu

The Help Menu contains two menu items, the Mpterm User's Guide, and About. Selecting the Mpterm User's Guide item will open the user's guide. Selecting the About item displays information about the version of mpterm and its authors.