Task Bar

The Task Bar is, by default, directly below the Menu Bar. Its position can be changed to the bottom of the window using an option in the General Page of the Preferences Dialog.

When a new terminal application is run, it appears as the visible terminal, and a new button appears on the Task Bar. The Task Bar contains as many buttons as terminals running in the mpterm window. Each button refers to the its respective terminal application. The user can make a specific application visible by pressing on its respective button by pressing the left mouse button. The terminal application that is visible has its respective button shown as pressed in.

The button text will contain the name of the application. However, if the application is a bash shell, it is possible to automatically set the button to contain the contents of the terminal window title. For example, to set the window title and the button label to be of the form username@hostname:cwd, where cwd stands for the current working directory, include the following in your ~/.bashrc file:

case $TERM in
export PS1="$TITLEBAR\u@\h:\$PWD$ "
More information can be found in the Bash Prompt HOWTO.